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Choose from 50 Modular kitchen Designs

Most Common questions about Modular kitchens:

Will It Create Cockroaches or Pests ?

  • Cockroaches / pests are thrive on food left overs.
  • If you don’t clean your Modular kitchen regularly food particles will accumulate under the kitchen.
  • Over the period these food particles will attract insects like Cockroaches.
  • MYTH BUST: Modular kitchen material will not produce insects but food particles will.
  • So, clean your modular kitchen atleast once a month.

What’s the best way to clean Modular Kitchen ?

  • If you have SS removable trolleys, remove the baskets and simple wash them and clean the bottom flooring.
  • Cleaning the bottom flooring will be lot easier if you have bottom wheels installed in drawers.
  • Never remove the basket from the channel, it will be difficult to put it back in.
  • If you have tandem set up just remove the drawers from the clips and wipe it clean.

How to maintain Modular Kitchen ?

  • Channels & hinges are the most susceptible to generate problems.
  • Lubricate channels & hinges using any home oil or Liquid grease.
  • Doing this will increase the life of modular kitchen by leaps and bounds.

What are best Brands for drawer channels?

  • Strength of any channel depends upon its gram per inch.
  • Any premium range channel more than 50 gram per inch will last long.
  • Popular brands: Hettich, Godrej,  A-7, Easy Slide, Excellenza, Roma, Grass.

Shall I go for Heavy SS Baskets ?

  • More the weight of basket means, more load for channels.
  • Hence, heavy basket will decrease the lifetime of channels.
  • It’s better to have light weight and good quality baskets.

What about Telescopic SOFT CLOSE channels ?

  • Telescopic soft close channels have a plastic – spring mechanism to make them soft close.
  • This mechanism is mounted on the channel using adhesive bond.
  • Over the period, if you rough use, that might fall off or spring might break or loosen from the mechanism.
  • Hence, it is advised to avoid telescopic soft close channel.
  • If you want soft close drawers, it’s always better to go for Tandem drawers, which run on gear system, and lasts long.