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What is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham wood, otherwise called Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sisso, is a deciduous tree, local to the Indian Subcontinent. After teak, it is the most significant developed wood tree of the Punjab, which is the biggest maker of Sheesham lumber in Pakistan and India.


Is Sheesham Wood good for Bed?

The most significant factor, independent of the style, is the life span and sturdiness of the Bed. The sturdiness of the furniture absolutely relies upon the sort of wood utilized in assembling. With regards to the Indian furniture industry, Sheesham wood is one of the most well known and looked for after choices.

Sheesham Wood Bed Buying Matrix

After rigorous study of best Sheesham Wood Bed designs and structure we have sorted following beds for you to be able to make better informed choice.


Wakefit Andromeda Sheesham Bed with Storage 

Ganpati Arts Mayor Solid Sheesham Wood

BM Wood Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Bed

Vintage Home Sheesham Wood Bed

WOOD CRAFT King Size Sheesham Wood Bed with Storage




Ganpati Arts

BM Wood Furniture

Vintage Home

Wood Craft


Sheesham wood 

Sheesham wood

Sheesham Wood 

Primary Material: Sheesham Wood, Secondary Materials: MDF

Sheesham Wood, Base Material: 15 MM PlyWood


 213cm (length) x 160cm (width) x 90cm (height)

Length ( 74 inches),Width (88 inches),Height (31.5 inches)

L X W X H: 210 cm x 165 cm x 87 cm

Length (210 cm) Width (195 cm) Height (86 cm)

Length (76 inches),Width (82 inches),Height (40 inches)



Natural Finish

Natural Teak Finish

Walnut Finish

Dark Brown Finish

Mattress Size

78x60 inches


78 x 60 inches.

80 x 76 inches

 78 x 72 inches


With & without storage- Both available

Drawer Storage and Back Panel Storage 

Box Storage

Drawer Storage

Box Storage


Self Assembly

Self assembly 

Self Assembly
Self Assembly



  • 10 Days replacement only

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • 10 Days replacement only

  • Warranty For Manufacturing Defects Until Delivery Time Condition.

  • 3 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects (Only Part Repllacement) 

  • 5 years against cases of termites and borers

  • 12 Months Against Manufacturing Defects if reported immediately.

  • 12 Month Warranty

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