Garbage Bag

Garbage bags

Make: Shalimar

Use: Prevent your dustbin from getting dirty. Just carry the bags to clean up the dust bin.


  • Bag on Roll with Detachable tie-tape to tie the Bag after use

  • Star sealed bottom provides extra strength and prevents any leakage

  • Most convenient method of Garbage disposal to maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene

  • Black colour bags made of Virgin Raw Material. 

Warranty: No warranty

Handy Chopper

Handy Mini Plastic Chopper
Make: Pigeon

Use: Very easy chopping for vegetables. If you dont want to go for mixer for small chopping requirements this is best option available.


  • Made from unbreakable ABS plastic

  • Sturdy 3-blade design made from Stainless Steel

  • Can be opened and detached for cleaning

  •  No electricity required

  • New List Item

Warranty: 10 days returnable & 30 Days Warranty, Only On Manufacturing Defects.

Dimensions:10.1 x 13.1 x 13.3 cm ; 249 g

Baking & Cooking Paper

Baking & Cooking Paper

Make: Kitchenette

Use: The Non stick fibre greaseproof surface makes baking and cooking an absolute bliss. This parchment paper keeps dishes clean, Food safe, Maintains moisture of food,Locks Grease in The paper locks the grease of the food and does not make the pans greasy and sticky.


  • Ideal For All Baking Purpose Use Multi-use Product, For Wrapping Bakery Items, Sandwitches, Burgers, Pizza.

  • Eliminates the need to grease/oil the pans before baking & cuts down cleaning time & cost

  • The paper locks the grease of the food and does not make the pans greasy and sticky.

  • Keep food fresh longer and prevents decay. Keeps your food 100% bacteria free and taste intact.

  • The pure biodegradable nature of it exceeds the consistency in quality from your kitchen to the environment

  • Parchment Paper or Baking Paper is suitable for advanced bakery requirements such as; cake decoration, piping and filling.

Warranty: 10 days returnable

Dimensions: 30 x 5 x 5 cm ; 249 g

Thermo Steel Flask Bottle

Thermo steel Flask Bottle
Make: Milton

Use: Maintain the temperature of your water, tea , coffee or any other liquid and carry whereever you want.


  • Stainless Steel; No. of pieces: 1; Capacity: 350 ML

  • Insulation type: Double wall; Temperature retention: 

  • (Keeps liquid hot/cold upto 4 - 6 Hours

  • Best Usage: Gym, Sports, School, Outdoors

  • Fabricated inside and outside in 18/8 quality stainless steel; its tough and durable.

Warranty: 10 days returnable & 1 year; Not covered in warranty: The warranty does not cover damages resulting from accidents, mishandling or tampering with the mechanism.

Dimensions:19 cm* 18.5 cm * 21 cm. Weight: 0.75kg

18 Pcs Container Set

18 Pieces Container set
Make: Cello Checkers Plastic Container Set 18-Pieces

Use: You can stack the containers one over the other Space saving canisters, Helps you to organize your kitchen.


  • 100 percent Food Grade and BPA Free Canisters: This air tight is free from BPA (Bisphenol A), which causes health hazards when it comes in contact with food and liquids Ensuring a healthier lifestyle using Bisphenol A free Products

  • Air Tight Seal-The Checkers Containers have an air tight seal that completely locks the Crisp and flavour of the contents you put in as does not lose moisture 

  • The taste and nutritive value of the contents remains intact for a long time

  • Stackable: You can stack the containers one over the other Space saving canisters.

  • Easy to open lid

  • Odourless: The Novel material used makes the container odourless

Warranty: 10 days returnable 

Icing Piping Bags

Icing Piping Bags

Use: Does your cake have no title? No ? Really? Next time you better buy this before make a cake.


  • Material: Plastic

  • Polythene Icing Piping Bags Medium - 100 Pieces

Warranty: 10 Days returnable.

Digital Weighing Scale

Kitchen Digital weighing scale
Make: AmazonBasics

Use: Perfect for new girl/boy learning cooking.Make your receipes with perfect weight of ingredients. 


  • Stainless steel digital kitchen scale with widescreen LCD screen

  • Weighs up to 5 KGS of food (minimum of 2 grams)

  • Advanced sensor technology delivers quick, accurate responses

  • Tare button; Does not contain BPA(bisphenol A)

  • Package Contents: 5-Pieces

Warranty: 10 Days returnable.

Dimensions: 22.1 x 17.8 x 3 cm ; 381 g

Cake Turntable

Cake Turntable Revolving Cake Decorating Stand
Make: Bulfyss

Use:  The perfect cake turntable for cake decorating, shaping and smoothing.


  •  has a non-slip base and an ultra smooth rotation which makes decorating cakes a breeze.

  • This product is also made with long lasting and durable materials.

  • Perfect for decorating, icing, displaying, and serving cakes, pies, and other desserts!

  •  It is also BPA Free and contains 100% food grade materials.

  •  Is safe for families with young children as well as it contains no dangerous parts.

Warranty: 10 days returnable  

8 Pcs Measuring Cups

8 Pcs Measuring Cups
Make: Bulfyss Popular Combo 

Use: Make that exact reciepe by adding the exact amount of ingredients. It is a must have.


  • Best Selling Bulfyss Measuring cups, spoons, spatula and brush now available as a combo pack .

  • Measuring cups: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup. Measuring spoons: 1 tbsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1/4 tsp.

  • Silicone Series Spatula and Brush set with acrylic handle. Size Brush : 18cm & Spatula : 20cm.

  • Excellent quality long lasting product. Designed for right and left-hand use.

Warranty: 10 days returnable 

Plastic Water Bottle

Plastic Water Bottle Set
Make: Cello

Use:  Nothing special, but you need a good bottle to carry water. This is good quality bottle.


  • Hygienic

  • BPA free

  • 100 percent food grade; 100 percent leak proof

  • Virgin plastic, Freezer safe

  • Package Contents: 5-Pieces

Warranty: 10 Days returnable.

Medical Box

Medical Box

Make: Milton

Use:  Every home should have an emergency medical Kit. Also you can have all your medicines at one place in a systematic way.


  • Compact shape for easy storage

  • Partition tray for segregation

  • See through lid with handle

Warranty: Not returnable, no warranty.

Soap Sink Corner

Multipurpose Corner Kitchen Sink Wash Basin Storage
Make: AmazonBasics

Use: Does your soap / scrub pad travel more than you ? Yes? Buy this.


  • 100% Brand New And High Quality

  • Material: Hard Plastic.

  • Advanced sensor technology delivers quick, accurate responses

  • Comes with suction to fix firmly

Warranty: 10 Days returnable.

Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer
Make: Inalsa

Use: Powerful portable hand mixer. Save time & money with this appliance. It performs all your blending, whisking & kneading tasks fast & efficiently.


  • Half the mixing effort: Easy Mix has a powerful motor that provides powerful processing & at the same time is energy saving. 

  • Cord Plug / Length : 2 Pins, 1.0 m 

  • Control the power you need: With 7-Speed control settings you get, control your food preparation

  • Lowly stirring in chunky ingredients like nuts or chocolate chips, at speed one to whipping egg whites or heavy cream, at speed seven

  • Attachments for all your cooking tasks:Beat,Mix,Whisk,Blend,Mash with high quality stainless-steel attachments

  • Detachable Beaters & Whisker/Dough Hooks

Warranty: 10 days returnable & 1 Year warranty

Dimensions: 17.8 x 7.1 x 12.5 cm ; 608 g

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle
Make: Prestige

Use: Warm up your liquids very easily, without going for stove. Easy to carry. Make your tea / coffee where every you go.


  • Power indicator light that lights up as it begins to boil water and automatic shut-off after boiling 

  •  Water level indicator 

  • Automatic pwer Cutoff

  • Single Touch lid locking

  • Detachable Power Base

Warranty: 10 days returnable & 1 Year

Dimensions:19 cm* 18.5 cm * 21 cm. Weight: 0.75kg