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Kitchen Chimney Buying Guidelines

What is Kitchen Chimney?

Kitchen Chimney is an apparatus that ingest smoke, vapor from kitchen and makes kitchen clean and oil, smoke free. Actually, present day kitchen Chimney adds style and stylistic layout to your measured kitchen.

We are giving purchasing aide and tips to purchase kitchen Chimney to pick for best cooking experience. Going through myriad of design and technical specifications of best brand chimneys available in Indian market for year 2020 we have compared the best chimneys depending upon following yard stick to provide you a powerful buying tool, what we call a Kitchen Chimney Buying Matrix.

  • Suction Type
  • Cleaning Technology
  • Led Lamps
  • Control Types
  • Gesture control
  • Warranty
  • Kitchen space it can cover
  • Product ratings

There is hardly any criteria which you will find apart from above mentioned, to make a perfect buying decision.

Here are the links for Chimney Buying Matrix:

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  2. Best Kitchen Chimneys in India under 20000 in 2020


KAFF LUX Heavy Duty

Top 10 Brands of Kitchen Chimneys in India

With regards to the kitchen chimney brands, there are numerous organizations that are administering the market. In kitchen chimneys, just a couple of brands are beating the scope by giving the system that are both very practical and well improving. The following Companies are generally most popular and established in India.

  1. Elica
  2. Hindware
  3. Faber
  4. Glen
  5. Sunflame
  6. Seavy
  7. Prestige
  8. Pigeon
  9. Butterfly
  10. Kaff

Our list of Chimneys below 10000 and Chimneys below 20000 comprises of well sorted chimneys from these best kitchen chimney brands.


Hindware Sabina Black

Best Chimneys under 10000 - Buying Matrix

Best Chimneys under 20000 - Buying Matrix

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