Why Us?

  1. Due to fast life you cannot make furniture from scratch by using strong materials such as : Plywood, sunmica, glue, heavy hardwares etc. at your house.
  2. Also readymade furniture uses particle board i.e. saw dust sheets, which are much weaker than traditional plywood.
  3. You don’t get laminate color choice in readymade furniture.
  4. Also you don’t have freedom of size. You have to buy available size.
  5. You don't trust the hardware used.

We provide following:

  1. Furniture manufactured using traditional plywood, sunmica, glue using advanced furniture machinery.
  2. Variety of laminate color and design choice.
  3. Furniture as per your design and size.
  4. 3 D designs for your furniture
  5. Design, Manufacture, Ship and Install.

Who we are

Work culture that wins hearts

Dear all,

    We are a Nashik based company involved in Modular Furniture business. We have a extensive experience in furniture making and have worked with myriad of furniture design variations.

    Through this website we are going to ease the tedious process of furniture installation. In today’s world people have become a lot busy and hardly have any time to make furniture from scratch in their home. At this stage we pop in. We provide quality furniture, made from plywood, you can choose your laminate color and product size.

    All the furniture is manufactured with advanced machinery giving you a remarkable finish.Once your order is placed we will manufacture it in our plant and will ship it to your location, where our carpenter will assemble the product.

Yours Sincerely,


IIT Bhubaneswar Alumnus

Our Team

A team that loves to create

Sanjay Takle

Ex. BSNL, 

Telecom officer

Swapnil Takle


IIT Bhubaneswar

Suraj Takle

B.E., Computer Science Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune

Pratiksha Takle

B. Tech., Electrical

College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)